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Livedeal For Restaurants

LiveDeal makes it easier than ever for merchants to connect with their customers. Merchants with any budget can take advantage of LiveDeal’s completely free platform.

Complete Flexibility

Restaurants choose when their deals become live and when they appear on Whether it’s Tuesdays from 12-6pm or Thursday and Fridays from 3-9pm, now puts the restaurants in complete control over when they want to run special offers and entice customers.

Traffic Control

Restaurants control the number of redeemable vouchers available to users on any specific run period. Perfect to attract the right number of customers based on the restaurants’ number of reservations, available staff, etc.

Direct Transactions With the User

Since LiveDeal collects no funds from users, Restaurants transact directly with the consumers at the point of sale. Therefore, restaurants don’t wait to get paid by LiveDeal.

It’s 100% Free and Easy to Use!

Restaurants don’t get squeezed out of their profits. Additionally, since no fees are paid to, restaurants can pass along the savings to consumers.

Instant Deal Publishing

Restaurants gain access to an incredibly powerful online deal dashboard where they can create and publish a deal to nearby consumers within two minutes.

LiveDeal is 100% Free and Easy to Use!